Recta sequi

More about the artist


The title "Recta sequi" it is latin and is writen on the first railway tunnel of the austrian hungarian empire (close to vienna) in 1841 and means: follow the straight line.

Hans Schabus artwork "Recta Sequi", 2013 is a railtrack cuted and drilled. The letters "DADA" are engraved. It's an edition of 20 copies numbered and signed.This artwork has been realized by Hans Schabus for our Dada Fetiche collection.
This Dada Fetiche collection came from a letter that Marcel Duchamp.

In 1921, Marcel Duchamp wrote from New York a letter (attached) to put forward a proposal to his friend Tristan Tzara : the idea of an edition called « Dada Fétiche ».
The Duchamp?s idea is to punch the 4 letters DADA in metal and to recommend to wearing this insignia like a bracelet, pendant, necklace, etc.
This insignia is not only a way to became a Dada for the purchaser but also it protect him against certain illnesses and against many of life?s problem : « Do you have a toothache ? Ask to you dentist, if he?s Dada »., « Are you out of arguments ?  Dada is the best answer to all questions ».
So the insignia must be presented ? and it has to work ? like a fetish.
GDM?s project is to ask to a series of artists to « answer » to the Duchamp?s proposition interpreting and realizing a « Dada Fétiche ».

Recta Sequi is Hans Schabus DADA Fétiche.