Edition art & design, Art-O-Rama, Marseille

English garden

The English garden has a wilder, freer aspect, more open to the unexpected and to nature?s initiatives than the French or Japanese garden, for example.

It is the works, and the desire to show the gallery?s most recent editions (Fabrice Hyber, Dorothy Iannone, Agnès Thurnauer, Rafaela Lopez), accompanied by older editions, which have been highlights in the gallery?s practice (Bernhard Rüdiger, Marcos Avila Forero, Eric Croes, Thea Djordjadze), that have led us down the paths of an imaginary garden.

A garden where the wild plant (Bernhard Rüdiger), rubs shoulders with Neptune (Eric Croes), and where the garden is as much created as painted, like a language (Agnès Thurnauer). A garden visited by strange birds (Rafaela Lopez), which gives way to the inner garden (Dorothy Iannone), to the withered plant (Thea Djordjadze) and opens up to the landscape (Marcos Avila Forero).

It is a perennial garden, free and abundant, made up of ceramics, drawings ?with hammers?, sculptures, paintings and photographs?. A garden where creation is the law, with its joyful and mischievous fountain, from which a bath of youth flows endlessly, as its center of gravity. A garden where each work stands on its own merits, and where the whole is open to contemplation and meditation. A garden that helps you think.